Bad Hair Day LaPerms


LaPerm Cats

I met my first LaPerm cat in 2008 at a CFA show, not long after they were accepted for championship. The curly coat reminded me of my little mixed poodle dog. It took me four years to be able to find one of these very unique little creatures.

We have done a bit of showing of LaPerms. We have earned a couple of championships in TICA and with Nathan in CFA as well. The breed is very unique to my region. Most of the people we know have not seen one before.

We are enjoying learning about and getting to know the breed. They are very sweet and they certainly attract a lot of attention when you take them out and about because of the curly coat. 


For more information about the breed, please go to or and go to the breed standard.


I have only had a few litters and none for a while. I have finally been able to breed Penny. If she is pregnant, she will be due early in March of 2014. I am hoping that Poodle will come into heat as well so we can breed her. It is hard to breed these cats as there are not many breeders around and so it is difficult for us to get breeding cats.


     CH SUNFALL BC WAYUSKISKA OF BAD HAIR DAY                                                                                                           CH SUNFALL BC PAZO WICA OF BAD HAIR DAY

     TORTOISE-SHELL AND WHITE LaPERM FEMALE SH                                                                                                         RED TABBY MALE LaPERM LH 

     photo by Kate - Elizabeth Howard                                                                                                                                             photo by Samantha McConnell